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Youtube blind dating chris pine

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While the practice of blindface may not overtly intend to be stereotypical, it ends up doing that very thing. They humrously drive cars, and sentimentally feel others' faces.

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One of the first black actors to be applauded during this time was Sydney Poitier, who did A Patch of Blue, in which he kissed a white woman, a blind character played, of course, by a sighted actor.In another twist of irony, he also acted in a You Tube movie called Yellowface, about the shameful practice of using white actors in Asian roles.Now, I understand roles where a character is sighted for the majority of the show, like Melissa Sue Anderson in Little House on the Prairie.The idea is to ascertain whether these obscure early efforts are overlooked gems or enduring sources of shame.Year: 2007 Streaming on: Netflix Absolute Beginner: Chris Pine When he boldly went where William Shatner had gone before (repeatedly, and with varying degrees of success) in J.Ok, this could be tossed into the "reverse discrimination" can, but I'm not going to worry about that until blind actors are so numerous, they're cutting sighted actors out of a job.

In conclusion, as much as I love James Franciscus as Longstreet, I wish they had cast a blind actor in the role. Because sighted people watch him being all competent, and training with Bruce Lee, and they think to themselves, "maybe blind people can live 'normal' lives." Then they remember it's all fiction, and that the actor isn't really blind, and so of course he can do the things he is doing. Wouldn't it be great to imitate the Civil Rights Movement, and quit the practice of blindface?

Since I enjoy the show, and even enjoy his character, I've read several interviews in which he states that he's gotten no criticism for being a sighted actor in a blind role.

Interesting, since friends of mine specifically tweeted and emailed him about it.

Blind people can't just bee normal; they have to be a seer or an inspiration or angry and bitter. I still smile at the overdramatic young woman wearing a blindfold and gushing, "I just want to feel what you feel! I knew who he was when it came out, if I remember right, but he wasn't yet a superstar.

") This one felt like an example of selling a movie with a big-name actor. So maybe it was merely awkward casting, not big name casting.

I'll address these in a minute, but first, a few more examples.