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If your customer wants to remain anonymous, move on to the next customer.Don’t spend too much time trying to convince a customer to create an account or to use their real name.

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I’m always testing to improve this method – sign up for our newsletter to be notified of updates to this article. You’re sending the client to Google to leave a review, so using to shorten the link makes sense.With every new client, we ask if the client has a Google account, any type of Google account – Android, You Tube, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Google My Business, Analytics, Search Console, Voice, Ad Words, Google , Blogger, Ad Sense, etc – Many times clients are unaware all these websites and services are Google. If a client does not have a Google account, we walk them through the process or create the account for them.We always integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console into a client’s website – Both Google websites. As well, we create a Google My Business listing for their business or website… Sure, this method works well for a web design or digital marketing company, but what about other industries?As well, research shows that 5 reviews is the magic number of Google My Business reviews.Once your business hits 5 reviews on Google My Business, your business will likely start seeing benefits in organic search results and the “Local Pack” of search results.In your .htaccess file, add the redirection in the format below on a single line. q=Web Works of KC&rlz=1CDGOYI_en US740&oq=Web Works of KC&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60l3.32279j0j4&hl=en-US&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#fpstate=lie&lrd=0x87c0e840c28bc427:0xe4d31c24d6a3b991,3,5 If you need help, you can pay us to create this professional review URL for you.

Like the one we use – Sign up for our newsletter and we will send you a video tutorial and more valuable content about online customer reviews for your business Now that you’ve done all the hard work: get the customer, make the customer happy, created a tool to help you get the review, there’s only one thing left. My advice when asking for a review – keep it short and sweet.

Ask that customer to leave your business a review on your business’s Facebook page or email you a testimonial you can add on your website, instead.

You will need an i Phone to create your pre-filled 5 star Google review URL.

Your customer will always have to be logged in to Google to leave a review of a business on Google My Business.

If that’s a problem for you or your customer, maybe your customer has a Facebook account, ask your customer to review your business on Facebook instead.

The third way Google My Business review are valuable is because a user must have a Google account to leave a review.