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A person(s) may request permission from the owner (Kyle Ohlson) of the material to use for their needs.(a) - This prohibits printing and publishing (online and on paper) for the following: Mountain resorts, action sports & non-action sports companies & businesses, magazines, newspapers, brochures, catalogs, postcards, blogs, social media networking websites, search engine websites, news and information websites, personal websites, shopping, websites, portal websites (emails), weather websites, online review websites, user-generated websites, dating websites, gaming websites, TV or video websites, curation websites, photo/video sharing websites, entertainment websites.

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When the initial concept of Frog Fitness was conceived, Jesse was there to help plan and structure the Frog Fitness Digital and Brick-and-Mortar Environment.OHLSON - NO PERSON(S) SHALL MODIFY, REPRODUCE, REPUBLISH, UPLOAD, POST, OR DISTRIBUTE, IN ANY WAY.To find more information on copyright laws in the United States, please visit - information on copyright guidelines for social media, please visit - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.Not sure where to go next or know you need a web programmer to make it happen?I am a very honest person and like to enjoy my life.By having a technology-based mindset, Jesse was sure to keep us in the most recent trends in the industry by building a Cloud-Based environment along with a secure Headquarters for our team to work out of.

All the Frog Fitness web sites dating back to 2012 were also built by Jesse.

From setting them up with a VOIP phone anywhere in the nation to integrating them into the cloud shared environment, he made sure it was done with ease.

Jesse has been in the Creative / Technology Industry since 2007.

Copyright protects the original photograph(s) & video(s) that express an idea by the authorship of Kyle Ohlson.1.) Initial Authorship.

- Any material (Material covers photograph(s) & video(s)) produced, captured, created by Kyle Ohlson are protected under the Initial Authorship of Kyle Ohlson and no other person(s).

Frog Fitness was lucky enough to lock him down as a full time partner to our great corporation.