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Well, I suggest you start by recognizing that your chief annoyance is the temporary ambiguity - with the emphasis on temporary (see #4 above).From there you have two options: _____________________________ * Note that I am only talking here about "fading out" after early dating.

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It’s as if he wants exclusive rights to driving a car while refusing to buy – or even lease! Obviously you’re much more than an engine and four wheels, but my point is that he wants to “possess” you without any of the emotional or physical responsibility that comes with a relationship. Whether you’ve had enough of him, or are still absolutely bent on locking him down, your best bet is to cut him off.I had fun with you but I can tell it won't work out so I don't want to continue dating." No guy wants to make that call, so instead, many men simply stop communicating with the girl altogether.I understand that there are a lot of bad feelings mixed up in the experience of slowly realizing that the guy isn't interested, so I want to explain why men do this, try to excuse it slightly, and offer a way of handling it.* The reasons men "fade out" are simple: Girls that have been faced with the need to dump a guy know exactly what I am talking about.You want him to do X, but if you tell him to do X it ruins it because then he would be doing it because you told him to and not because his emotions/love for you told him to.Then you say: He should know to do it, I shouldn’t have to tell him.I have made it very obvious to my significant other how much I love it when he texts or does “little things” for me.

even though he rarely does it, I’ve let him know that just a simple email or text can make my day.

Meanwhile, if I were more conscious, I would have done 100 little things during the month and been 100 points ahead.

Now I realize that I’m putting this in “relationship nerd” terms, but I’m trying to get across the difference between the genders so that you can understanding him better, appreciate the differences and communicate to him in an effective way.

And we don’t value what is just handed to us nearly as much.

Think about it: If he was some guy who was obsessed with trying to please you constantly in every way, you would think he was a pushover.

If nothing else, this blog is an outlet for voicing my astonishment at the typical female's ignorance of the male mindset.