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What do you do when you notice that the only thing that person is inviting in your life is drama or just an unexplainable void.

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She believed #By Faith that her desire to be married wasn’t just a pipe dream, but a whisper from God that His best was coming.Is it because there are feelings of loneliness and you long for companionship no matter what values you might be compromising or is it because you just have to have someone in your space or be in a relationship no matter the circumstance?I ask these questions not to point the finger but for you to reflect on your own life and ask yourself is this something that you can relate to."WATCH: Josiah Duggar Introduces New Girlfriend Marjorie Jackson"Both Josiah and Marjorie have enjoyed getting to know each other and to build their friendship over the past months," they added. I was very impressed with the way she was with her siblings and her love for the Lord."Later that month, Josiah and Marjorie made their debut as a couple in a joint video for TLC."We are so grateful that they each are seeking the Lord's will for their future."Josiah officially entered into a courtship with Marjorie on April 6, after getting to know her through taking Spanish lessons with her mother, Analucia. "Courtship is like dating with a purpose," Marjorie explained.Ashley shares a sweet and simple truth that you do not have to adopt the negative generational patterns of your past, but that you can become the change you hope to see.

After meeting and marrying the love of her live, she encourages readers to not only prepare for God’s best, but to expect it!

That doesn't mean you should marry the first person you date.

What it does mean is that dating is meant simply to be a bridge.

If you are dating someone and you know they aren’t the one for you, don’t string them along.

Be honest with them and be honest with yourself and let them know how you feel.

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