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Women online dating picky

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Dating site Ok Cupid’s blog tracks trends among users, and found that using chat speak (u, ur, lol, etc.), going straight to complimenting someone’s looks and saying nothing but “hi” are turn-offs.

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And by selective, I mean unwilling to reply to the majority of ill-thought messages that will crowd her inbox.Posted: 5/11/2007 AMthe answer: all women are like that, the ones that are nice are just like that cause nobody would put up with their shit.there is no way to make a woman happy, they just want more and more and more and more and more.Vancouver women are the ‘pickiest’ when it comes to online dating, according to a survey from The dating app looked at more than 40,000 interactions between (heterosexual) men and women and found that Vancouver women are the least likely to reply to a message from a man. Meanwhile, women in Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto were the most likely to reply.Until she tries a new flavor, or as I like to say, a different color in the Crayola crayon box, her pattern will continue and she'll end up alone with a series of heartbreaks. I truly believe that we all want to love and be loved and that this overanalyzing and pickiness has become an epidemic, at least on the west side of Los Angeles, if not everywhere.

I encourage you to share your stories with me, cast a much wider net and accept a date with someone you wouldn't normally go out with, and be open to the possibilities of having someone new enhance your life.

If you're paying attention, you'll notice their character, confidence and personality.

When your list of deal breakers is larger than your list of friends, there's a problem.

She will only date men that she says are "her type." The problem is, her type always disappears.

Her relationships always run their course and she won't jump out of her comfort zone. When I started writing my book earlier this year, both men and women came forward to share their stories.

I asked some (straight) female friends to send me some of the messages they didn’t reply to on their respective dating websites of choice.