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LG, HTC, and Samsung devices come with a number of pre-installed apps that you will only find on each company’s devices.These apps will continue to work without syncing your phone to a Google account.

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This is a look at what I’m still able to do without relying on any of Google’s services, including Google Play services, and what I have had to give up.Saying goodbye to Google means losing out on the many Android apps that Google makes.If you choose to go a step further, like I did, and use only open source software, say goodbye to social networks, music streaming services, popular games, most navigation tools, cloud storage providers, video streaming sites, and most productivity tools.Unfortunately, this is a trade off you have to ask yourself.Do you rely on the added security that comes from only installing software from the Play Store (which, for what it’s worth, can occasionally allow a piece of sketchy software slip by), or do you get your apps from elsewhere and run the risk of getting your hands on something that hasn’t been vetted?Next is what’s left after I disable all the apps that require a Google account.

Altogether, fifteen apps wouldn’t let me do anything without logging in, and one of them couldn’t be disabled (Google Search).

This way, you know you’re getting the parts Google contributes to the Android Open Source Project.

Sure, there are some proprietary bits that get your phone’s radios and sensors to work, but that’s the same compromise many of us make when we install Linux on our PCs.

On a Nexus device, however, the situation is a bit more challenging. Below is what I see after performing a factory reset on my Nexus 5 running Android Marshmallow.

This isn’t the phone I’ve been using Google-free these past few weeks — I just figured folks might like a look at what to expect on a stock Android device.

Then it became a way to manage mail, which then turned into a place for instant messaging.