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The original version contained sexually explicit lyrics, and Britney felt she was too young to be singing it.

Looking back over the last seven years of this remarkable lady s career and life, it really is hard to imagine what the face of Pop would look like without her.【TVPP】Park Shin Hye - Perfom with Yong Hwa, 박신혜 - 함께 공연하는 신혜(규원)과 용화(신) @ Heartstring - Free MP3 & Video Download 【TVPP】Park Shin Hye - Perfom with Yong Hwa, 박신혜 - 함께 공연하는 신혜(규원)과 용화(신) @ Heartstring Park Shin Hye # 035 ...M Signal - So give me a smile - Heartstrings OST - Sub español - Free MP3 & Video Download Todos los derechos reservados para MBC.Souhaitez-vous voir ça dans notre édition française.Posed nude for the cover of Harper s Bazaar , in a photo similar to Demi Moore s famous September 1991 cover of Vanity Fair.She ordered that the curse words be taken out so as not to tarnish her image for the younger pre-teen viewers of the film.

This was Jackson s last live performance of the song in front of an audience.

Britney was keen that people saw her as a growing woman as she began to ready the public for her next LP release in late 2001.

Was offered a role in Scary Movie (2000), but was forced to turn down, due to concert scheduling.

Was the celebrity spokesperson of Candie s (apparel brand) from 2009-2010. Baby One More Time in early 1999, Britney became an international success, selling 13 million copies of Baby and 9 million (as of July 2001) of her sophomore album, Oops.

But it s the parents job to make sure their kids don t turn out that shallow.

Is the world s second most searched celebrity in mobile videos, behind Bollywood star Katrina Kaif (2011).