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Who is zachary quinto dating 2016

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So what does our reigning Spock think of that potential twist?

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È noto soprattutto per aver interpretato il ruolo di Sylar in Heroes della NBC ed essere stato tra i protagonisti di American Horror Story: Murder House (2011) e American Horror Story: Asylum (2012), di Ryan Murphy, interpretando rispettivamente Chad, un ex proprietario della casa, ed il dottore dell'Istituto Psichiatrico di Briarcliff Oliver Thredson.I'm expecting [the news of a fourth movie] to be true, but it’s always this way. ' but then there's always a process -- writing a script being primary among them -- and I know that's what they're working on now.I think we're all really excited to go back and we'll do that whenever the phone rings and it's J. on the other end."While the fate of is headed towards our screens at warp speed on CBS All Access on Sept.Nel 2007 è stato inserito dalla rivista People tra gli uomini viventi più sexy del pianeta. Abrams disse su Quinto: "Zachary rompe la gravità e ha un grandissimo senso dell'umorismo, questa è una fantastica combinazione, perché il carattere di Spock è decisamente complicato.Il 23 luglio dello stesso anno è stato scritturato nel ruolo del giovane Spock nell'undicesima pellicola di Star Trek. La rivelazione l'ho avuta guardando il film, quando vedo quella sequenza di inquadrature, capisco quanto lui sia straordinario".While Quinto's profile picture may be MIA from Instagram, there are plenty of photos of him cozying up to Mc Millan. and how inspired i feel to spring into a new decade with confidence and purpose and freedom and joy! it's always so special to kick off our world tour down under.

The two have been dating since 2015, and Quinto adorably blushed when the topic of wedding bells was of the most epic weekends of all time. i am in a blur of gratitude for all the friends and family who surrounded me in celebration and reminded me how truly loved i am. and to @milesmcmillan (without whom none of it would mean anywhere near as much)... sorry to leave so soon but already looking forward to coming back. @startrekmovie #sydney #worldpremiere #startrekbeyond #urban #pine #cho A post shared by Zachary Quinto (@zacharyquinto) on franchise?

"Well, the maybe I'll have to dip in for a little visit."On second thought, since is a prequel series that is taking place 10 years before Captain Kirk takes charge of the Enterprise, Quinto concluded that a Spock cameo from him "probably" won't happen."It's such a unique experience and it's such a unique character and I feel like I wouldn’t know how to [do it,] but who knows? "But I'm excited to see it, I'm happy that they're doing it and I think it's an incredible universe.

There is an endless combination of possibilities and stories and characters and I don’t feel like they'll need me.

A post shared by Zachary Quinto (@zacharyquinto) on "Oh, yeah," Quinto said coyly when asked if he thinks Mc Millan is "the one" for him.

Sorry to break your Trekkie hearts, but Quinto confessed that aside from director J. Abram's 2016 confirmation that a fourth movie is happening, there have been no new updates."If I had [an update] I would give it to you.

Nell'ottobre del 2011, durante un'intervista al New York Magazine, Quinto ha fatto coming out dichiarando pubblicamente la propria omosessualità.