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Who is vera farmiga dating

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So of course Conjuring 2 co-stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga will be reteaming for another thriller, this one of the action variety.It’s called The Commuter, and it’s already got Liam Neeson on board to star and Jaume Collet-Serra directing.

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just confirmed the full cast and synopsis for the film.For me, when I talk about this case, our first job is not to judge the character. It was the contortion of vocal chords and the stress on our vocal chords, take after take after take, from denouncing demons in that operatic way, for 50 takes in a row because there were so many technical elements. The physicality, whether it was vocal strain from screaming, over and over and over, while there’s a wind machine and rain blowing at you, and you’re hanging upside down, it was full-on. There’s nothing worse to me than an actor who complains, but that’s what I kind of love about the movies. What’s most important is to find a way into that for myself.I’ve never had any experience in which a poltergeist was out to destroy me, so I can’t really speak on that.There’s no sense of what you think might happen in a horror movie. If we were to actually play that forcefulness that Ed possessed with these demons, and the instigation, provocation and humor, it would be outlandish.

I think the audience would have a hard time taking it seriously.

Ken Watanabe and Sally Hawkins are the only cast members from the first film who are returning for the sequel.

The new additions to the cast include Vera Farmiga, Kyle Chandler, Millie Bobby Brown in her feature film debut, Thomas Middleditch, Bradley Whitford, Charles Dance, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Aisha Hinds, and Zhang Ziyi.

Collet-Serra is just coming off helming the Blake Lively isolated-in-the-ocean movie The Shallows, and has previously directed Neeson in Unknown, Non-Stop, and Run All Night.

The Commuter will focus on an insurance salesman named Byron Willinger (Neeson), who is forced by a “mysterious stranger” (Farmiga) to find a specific passenger on the train before its last stop, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

During the film’s press day, co-stars Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson spoke at a roundtable interview about what become the most-documented case in paranormal history, why this storytelling structure was perfect for a franchise, reuniting with director James Wan, the responsibility of playing real people, especially when you’re friends with your subject, that it’s not their job to believe or disbelieve, just how physical this shoot was, and that they’d like a warmer weather climate if they return for PATRICK WILSON: I did.