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Who is spinelli dating on gh

who is spinelli dating on gh-83

Jason tells Sam that he's going to find out who sent the magic box to Jake.She gets upset and tells him that he needs to let it go or let someone else find out.

Spin hacks into security cameras around Liz's house about the time of the delivery. He is looking for the license of the man who rented the car.Despite Mac's disapproval Spinelli and Maxie continued to see one another and their friendship turned into a romantic relationship.Robyn Richards assumed the role in until Marchwhen the character was aged and recast with Danica Stewart on March 13, until July 16, S Biggest Shockers of All.Anna updates Lulu that Valentin is in a holding cell in the Netherlands awaiting trial.She mentions the video that he made for Charlotte, but Lulu doesn't want to upset her.She says his hands aren't clean since he did steal and sell it.

Nina mentions Alex, but Anna says she's escaped.

Lulu finally agrees to let Charlotte watch the video, which she does with Nina.

Jason finds out that the man who delivered the box was someone named Phillipos Costa.

As the wedding date approached, Maxie tried her hardest to convince everyone that she really wanted to marry Spinelli, but later admitted to Lulu that she made a mistake in agreeing and Lulu tried to convince Maxie to call the wedding off.

Nathan tells her that he's fine and that she has to go.

Nina tells Nathan that she misses Charlotte and that Valentin signed the divorce papers before he was taken away.