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Who is shreya dating

A tech head since his early days spent tinkering with all sorts of appliances and gadgets, Shiladitya is an Electronics Engineer by profession, preferring to stick to a field that fuels his passion for all things electronic.He was born in a well-to-do Bengali family with a rich heritage.

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Shriya Saran also recognised by the mononym Shriya, is an Indian film actress and model as well.Apart from her acting, Shriya Saran has remained as the brand ambassador for brands across India, promoting health and beauty products.Considering other philanthropic activities, Shriya has agreed for charity organizations.He is also the founder of the popular Hipcask app, a one stop repository of all the information you will ever need about all sorts of liquors and wines, etc.He continues to create novel applications and different projects under Rasilant Tech with all of the latest in technology and computing.Shriya is the mononym of Shriya Saran who born in Uttarakhand.

Shriya is a famous Indian actress who plays many roles in Indian cinema , but apart from Hindi films she also worked for Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam films, as well as she also works for few English and Kannada films.

Shriya was inadvertently clicked alongside the cricketer outside a Mumbai hotel.

And the pic triggered the rumour mills's presumption about the talented actress dating Bravo.

Considering he was already working a full time job then, and jobs in the tech industry are some of the most gruelling out there (in the corporate world), he made sure to take time out after work and on the weekends to make sure Rasilant Tech stayed alive and that he and Sahil kept the project alive and ticking.

Still, the couple made sure to not let time and distance come between them, and along with their hectic and burgeoning careers managed to keep their romance alive and strong, and all we can do is take our hats off at that kind of resilience and dedication, not to mention the love that they share.

The recipient of four National Film Awards, six Filmfares and eight Filmfare south awards, you can be certain that her outstanding contributions to Indian cinema have not gone unnoticed.