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Who is serena dating in season 5

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Afterwards Samuel placed his wife in a bag and put her down a laundry chute to the bottom floor.He then went to the bottom floor, placed her body in the trunk and drove her home where he then placed her body in the bathtub.

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Inside they learn that Catherine was found dead in the bathtub.At Catherine's funeral, a man named Steve Jacobus reveals he was Catherine's lover.The officers plan to arrest him until Conan tranquilizes Richard.Conan realizes how the murder was done, and lures Richard to the room and puts him to sleep.With his bow-tie, Conan reveals that Tate called Miguel telling him he would jump off the building.Samuel takes over the call, tells his wife he will call later and asks Conan and Rachel to leave so he may talk with Richard.

Richard returns, telling Conan and Rachel he took Samuel's request to spy on Catherine and her affair.

Using the evidence that Ken took Osgood's cat home with him that day, Ken confesses to murdering Osgood by hacking the computer that regulates the houses temperature and turns himself in.

Richard, Rachel and Conan are meeting a lawyer named Samuel Taylor whose office is in a hotel.

The season initially ran from August 19, 1996 through April 14, 1997 on Nippon Television Network System in Japan.

The English adaption of season two was later released in a DVD boxset by Funimation on September 30, 2008 containing episodes twenty-seven to fifty-two, twenty-six to fifty-one in the Japanese numbering.

While there Conan picks up a phone call from Samuel's wife Catherine Taylor.