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Who is rupert everett dating

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He took on the girls’ parts in school plays but he was otherwise very bored.

“The court [in the play] cannot see the genius, the emotion, the godliness of the music.” Does Everett, I wonder, feel misunderstood? You can only understand the disaster of your own case yourself. Movie stars and directors and studios spend a lot of money promoting human rights and being charitable in Africa but, actually, in their own backyard, they really don’t accept that any of these things is happening.We meet as he emerges from a rehearsal room in a central London church. There is a little nest of lines at the centre of his forehead and his skin is tanned.He is preparing for the role of the bitter court composer Antonio Salieri in Peter Schaffer’s Amadeus at the Chichester Festival Theatre.He is, arguably, the most handsome actor of his generation, public-school educated and brought up in a military family. But Everett has also been a hard drug user, says he would still try a line of cocaine, and he claims that his career has suffered because of his homosexuality.He led a promiscuous life as the gay world was rocked by Aids and worried for years that he had contracted the disease.He never, he maintains, managed to pull off the relaxed look on Hollywood chat shows.

“I was so uptight.” He spent hours in his bedroom imagining the noise of camera shutters photographing him, but the reality was different. That’s probably partly to do with the fact that the whole beginning of my career was when Aids happened.

In the interval we went to this room in the theatre with a loo off it. If you’re part of it, you’re fine; but as soon as you’re outside the gang, there’s nothing much you can do.’As well as writing the biopic, Everett will direct it and star as Wilde.

I went to have a pee and, once inside, I couldn’t manage it because I knew Princess Margaret was standing outside the door.‘Bel is a genius. ‘I wrote it when my career had just kind of waned from its Hollywood tsunami,’ he says.

She had Princess Margaret down to a tee — although I didn’t have any problems going to the loo with her around. I wish I could take over from Camilla, or even the Duke of Edinburgh.’‘This is a really tough business. ‘I could feel the lack of interest in people when I proposed it. Now, I’ve got pretty much all the money and my cast. ‘When you’re younger and you look quite good in our business, you don’t realise how a lot of what you get is to do with your bubbling life force.

That’s what works best in the movies, so you get a lot of lucky breaks.

There was a time when he couldn’t look at a camera lens without fearing it would reveal the signs of the killer illness that stalked his community and friends.