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Who is rufus sewell dating

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His uniform is a dark, well-cut suit and sunglasses; breakfast is always a cappuccino and a cigarette. 'If I was unhappier not drinking, if I missed it that much, I’d drink!Zen is busy playing office footsie with a colleague’s glamorous secretary (Murino) while reinvestigating the murder of a government contractor. In the bar beforehand, Sewell, a man with a flair for accents and no stranger to comic stagy flamboyance, works the room merrily. I’m completely teetotal; it’s the only way I can do it.’ Back in LA, he prefers to stay home with his girlfriend – as to her identity, he’s never been one for divulging details about his partners (he had a long relationship with actress Helen Mc Crory in the early Nineties, and dated Alice Eve, who appeared alongside him in Rock’n’Roll).

Published in 1988, Dibdin’s first outing for Aurelio Zen – in which Zen investigates the kidnapping of a powerful industrialist – is being made into one of the Zen dramas by Left Bank Pictures, the producers responsible for English-language adaptations of Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander novels, starring Kenneth Branagh in the Bafta-winning lead.And I think he’s more fun when he’s slightly behind the game, as opposed to ahead of it.’ The detective is a Venetian based in Rome.This makes him a perennial outsider, as does his scrupulous honesty.'For me, I just wanted him to be completely believable as a bloke. 'And what I like about him in the books – not that I’ve read all of them – but also in the scripts, is that he gets it wrong a lot…His relationships are off and on and often in the sh--.'And I don’t want to lose that detail – someone struggling with addiction.

It’s fun,’ the 43 year-old adds with his customary roguish twinkle.

Rufus Sewell, an actor often cheerfully unemployed and regularly underwhelmed by the job offers that come his way, still wasn’t sure. First of all, would Aurelio Zen, a policeman treading the mean streets of Rome, be a smoker?

'In the books Zen tries to give up,’ the actor says of the series of novels, by the late Irish author Michael Dibdin, upon which the three 90-minute dramas are based.

He’s here for a screening of the first Zen drama, Vendetta, and to take part, alongside his glamorous Zen co-star Caterina Murino (she was a Bond girl in Casino Royale) in a Q&A session for film and television industry professionals.

In Zen, Vendetta, we meet a cool, stylish copper who manages to remain thus even though he lives with his mother.

How did Sewell go about creating the Roman version of a 'bloke’?