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Who is michael corinthos dating

Diego admitted to being the stalker as a way to avenge Sage, his cousin, who was not treated nicely by the girls in Port Charles.Diego was sent off to prison, but was released a few months later after snitching about another inmate's murder plot.

Diego soon became determined to prove to his father that he could be a valuable part of his organization, and his first major job came when his father enlisted him to take out Sam and Jason. When he trained his gun on her and Jason, she shot first, and Diego died within seconds. In September of 2007, Leticia Juarez, the Corinthos' children's nanny, was found strangled to death in Carly's home.Recklessly, Carly made plans to meet the Text Message Killer at the Black and White ball being hosted on Spoon Island.He made an attempt on Carly's life but in the end, it was Emily Quartermaine who died at the hands of the Text Message Killer that night.The discovery of some mysterious letters prompted Diego to run away to Mexico in search of his long-lost sister, Maria.With Brook Lynn, her uncle Dillon, and his girlfriend Georgie in tow, Diego was warned by his sister to stay out of Port Charles.When Diego saved Brooke from a warehouse bomb, Brooke started to look a little more closely at Diego, realizing he wasn't just a "bad boy" after all.

Diego hovered around the local Port Charles mob scene until events sprang up that led Diego to believe he had legitimate ties to a specific local mobster -- Sonny Corinthos.

During his time in prison, Diego maintained letter contact with Georgie Jones, and soon fancied himself in love with her, despite her recent marriage to Dillon Quartermaine.

After being released, Diego soon found himself the target of Manny Ruiz, who had been an associate of the man Diego had been in prison with.

Manny went after Diego, but it was cop Jesse Beaudry who paid with his life.

When Manny was dispatched shortly after, Diego paired up with Lulu Spencer, who wanted Dillon as much as he wanted Georgie, to break up the young marrieds.

After a slow recovery in the hospital, Sam returned home to her penthouse where the Text Message Killer was laying in wait.