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Many societies rank the seriousness of a rape based on the relationship between the perpetrator and the victim.

By this point the Tories had realised that public spending cuts were a useful stick with which to beat Labour; the two-year pay freeze on all but the lowest paid public sector workers became a universal 1 per cent pay cap until 2020.Some jurisdictions have specified that people debilitated by alcohol or other drugs are incapable of consenting to sex.Courts have also disagreed on whether consent, once given, can later be withdrawn.The Foreign Secretary has joined the ranks of cabinet ministers Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt, Justine Greening and Damian Green who are suddenly now all breaking rank to demand extra cash for teachers, nurses, firemen and the like.Despite the fact that all of them voted against Labour’s amendment which proposed to scrap the wage cap on public sector staff only last week, they seem to have simultaneously had a change of heart over the weekend.Does Boris Johnson actually care about the impact of austerity?

To his credit, he has been one of the more vocal opponents of the fiscal policy since 2010, but seemed unconcerned about cuts to the public sector during his time as London Mayor.

Acquaintance rape also includes rapes in which the victim and perpetrator have been in a non-romantic, non-sexual relationship, for example as co-workers or neighbors.

Historically, in much of the world, rape was seen as a crime of theft of a man's property (usually either a husband or father).

In college date rape has a different meaning, as in a date would be a party where the woman is purposely given alcohol and drugs by the man and usually his friends, therefore the rape is a group effort.

The term date rape is first found in print in the 1975 book Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape by American feminist journalist, author and activist Susan Brownmiller.

Date rape (also known as acquaintance rape) is a form of rape in which there is a potential romantic or sexual relationship between the two partners in the moment the sexual assault occurs.