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Who is kim basinger dating

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Not only did the singer record a song in which he describes killing her and burying the body, but he also assaulted a blow-up doll during one of his concerts, which served as a stand-in for Kim. Despite years of turmoil, the pair remarried in January 2006, but the 8 Mile star filed for divorce again after just three months.

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While escorting her to the county jail, police found cocaine in the backseat.On July 7, 2000, Kim and her sister attended Eminem's concert for the .Kim said that Eminem promised that he wouldn't play "Kim" at the concert, but he played it and abused a blow up doll meant to represent Kim.Unfortunately, Kim was seen kissing John Guerrera, the bouncer of a nightclub.Eminem came up, assaulted Guerrera, and was arrested for assault.Kim, sad and embarrassed, left the show and got in a car accident.

When she got back to their Detroit home, Kim attempted suicide by slashing her wrists, and ended up in the hospital the next day.

In recent weeks, Eminem fans have become fascinated by the rapper’s 21-year-old daughter Hailie Scott, who’s been posting regularly on her Instagram account.

But interest in the brunette beauty has also left fans wondering about her mom, Kimberly Anne Scott.

These days, Kim appears to be doing much better after receiving treatment for substance abuse.1987-1996: First Meeting, Started Dating Kim Mathers first met Eminem in 1987 when Eminem was standing on a table shirtless rapping LL Cool J's "I'm Bad".

When she was 15, Kim and her sister, Dawn, moved in with Eminem and his mother after running away from home. Beginning their sixteen-year love..-and-hate relationship. Eminem and Kim dated from 1989-1996 before getting married for the first time.

During that time period, Kim got pregnant with their daughter, Hailie, in 1995.