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Who is gerald anderson dating

In an earlier press conference for their first movie with Cebu media, both Bea and Gerald admitted that during the filming of “How To Be Yours,” they hang out.

According to him, they had lack of time for each other and cannot continue on with their relationship.Bea Alonzo is loved by her millions of fans in the Philippines.Her movies are sure to be watched by many and won’t disappoint. Although she enjoys being very famous, she can still enjoy her private life and once she is at work shooting a film or tv show, she turns into a serious actress who performs her role accordingly.She said they have enjoyed their dating stage but was not really very serious and she was not rushing things at that time.Their dating never really became official as romantic relationship since Bea was too busy with her schedule and work during that time.He took care of me, especially since we hardly had anything to cover ourselves with.

He made sure I felt comfortable being with him.” “Can We Still Be Friends? Also, the story is so similar to ours that he might suspect I told the writer all about what happened to us.” Just like her character Sam, Arci said hers and Badi’s was an on-again, off-again relationship.

In a Facebook post of Mary Payumo and Japoy Eusebio Dones, Gerald and Bea were seen buying a new car, a Toyota FJ Cruiser at the car branch in Pasig.“Congratulations Sir Russel for assisting Kuya Gerald Anderson and Miss Bea Alonzo to purchase a brand new FJ Cruiser at Toyota Pasig,” shared Japoy.

The two Kapamilya stars have been spotted hanging out together, participating in a fun run and buying a new car, that led to speculations that they are dating again.

On the ideal man and marriage, Bea Alonzo looks like she wants someone who can commit to her for a serious relationship and someone who will be ready to marry her someday.

She likes gentleman, caring, knows how to prioritize things, funny, and will be very supportive to her.

” lead actress Arci Muñoz said she had to take shots of vodka with costar Gerald Anderson before filming a love scene that she described as “by far the most difficult thing I had to do in my entire career.” “The vodka shots were to release the tension, to make us feel more comfortable. It was so challenging that everyone on the set was still wide awake, watching us,” she said at the recent press conference for the Star Cinema film by director Prime Cruz (opens June 14).