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Who is fergie currently dating

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Incidentally, Charles and William both share his loathing, to the extent that Fergie was not invited to the Royal Wedding.Speculation that they may one day remarry continues to buzz, but the truth is that such a reunion could never happen while Prince Philip still has breath in his body.

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The fact that he doesn’t care who knows the contempt in which he holds Fergie, indeed that he seems keen to advertise it, shows that for Andrew and his ex, the road back to full acceptance will be an impossible one while Philip lives.” as they drove on, his wife would certainly have been unsurprised.For although Andrew and Fergie have never been closer, living together at Royal Lodge, purchasing ski lodges and living to all appearances like a married couple, there is undisguised hatred between Fergie and Prince Philip.In fact, a friend confided that the Duchess, who reportedly plans to apply for Swiss residency, is now spending more and more time at the Windsor lodge with her family."The truth is that Sarah is spending more and more time back at the Royal Lodge, where she lived for years, and less time in Switzerland.As if the Twitterverse wasn't blowing up enough with the release of Taylor Swift's new song, another pop star added to the hype with more long-awaited new music: Fergie's second album release is officially on its way. In fact, their most recent outing together coincided with a very special occasion: the day they would have been celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary.

The Duchess of York spent time during the day with Andrew and her daughter Eugenie at the races at Ascot.

For the first time since their divorce in 1996, Sarah Ferguson was going to be present at a high-profile, photographer-attended, public gathering of the British Royal family. On day four of the festival this year, the Queen arrived with her husband, Prince Philip.

They rode up the straight and past the stands, filled with cheering subjects, drawing to a halt outside the main restaurant in the Royal Enclosure. Andrew bowed long and deeply and Fergie gave a solemn curtsey.

And their bond of friendship has always remained strong, despite many of life’s ups and downs.

And Fergie has had more than a few downs in recent years.

“She always likes to say how he ‘rules the Royal family with a rod of iron,’” says a source.