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Who is countess luann de lesseps dating

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While it was not as juicy as a reunion or as hard-hitting as we typically like our special sit down interviews to be, Luann did admit a few interesting things about her time with Tom, from whom she recently divorced after seven months of marriage, and after a whole lot of demanding that she deserves nice rooms (and 1. "I saw it for the first time like the viewer sees the show," she said. I didn't see him talking to Missy, I didn't hear him saying what he was saying. Since she didn't see any of those things going on, Lu continued to defend Tom, but she can't defend his actions now."During filming, I was happy, so I felt like he needed to be defended." 3. Luann will not be moving into Sonja's insane townhouse. Luann was not happy during the reunion, but she did NOT specifically wait until after the reunion to file.

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After Andy Cohen made his way to Luann's Sag Harbor house, skipped up the front steps, and joined her for some rosé in the kitchen like the intro to a fabulous cooking show instead of the intro to a dramatic interview about a divorce, he and Luann settled into a couple of wicker chairs in her back yard for their casual chat. I was a countess, so it's a brand that I own as Luann de Lesseps." She has a bedding collection coming out, y'all.17. “We are working on this together." The couple's wedding was a featured segment of Season 9 for the reality series.One of de Lesseps' fellow housewives, Sonja Morgan, revealed in an episode that she had previously hooked up with D'Agostino before the pair's engagement."He used to live this really nice life in the city," was told by a source."He’s a private person and all of a sudden he was living this crazy celebrity life." Tom's alleged reasoning even refers to Luann's former career as a nurse."He loved the nurse from Connecticut, not the reality TV star." prior to dating and marrying Luann.

(Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan) It sounds like either there are only a couple dozen rich women in New York, which we somehow doubt, or Tom D'Agostino was courting fame. It's also possible that Tom is just using this as an excuse, as if the divorce were his idea, rather than a result of his alleged impulsive and hurtful cheating.

Married life hasn't settled things down, and the two have apparently been constantly having trouble getting along. (Luann, at the time, dismissed it as a "mistake" rather than a premeditated affair ...

Again, the two of them have only been married for eight months. oh honey) Cheating allegations against Tom D'Agostino formed half of the recent storylines on Curiously, though, it sounds like Tom D'Agostino had his own reasons for agreeing to this divorce. While he's apparently not too old to be running around the city like a horndog who can't keep his pants on (allegedly), he apparently wasn't down for what life with Luann meant. Specifically, the "lifestyle" of being a reality television personality.

In all honesty, Tom should have been holding up an apple during the Real Housewives of New York opening credits.

He has provided more content for this show than some of the actual cast members.

We can't say that we're surprised that they couldn't cling to their denials.