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Who is billy currington dating now

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During a recent radio interview, Billy Currington was posed with series of philosophical, end of life questions.

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Apart from this ‘I Got a Feelin’ his second single took the fifth position on country chart.It’s clear from his past life that he has two public relations, but none of them is his wife.For the first time, Billy dated to a beautiful mystery women.Controversy arose when he faced charges of making terroristic threats and mentally abusing of an elder person.After posting $27,700 bond, he was later released from a Georgia jail.Billy has received several accolades throughout his career. He has established an organization, which helps the poor people of Central American countries.

William Matthew Currington Commonly known as "Billy Currington" is an American country singer, best known for his hit singles "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right" and "People are Crazy".

He began his career with Mercury Records, before signing RCA records also offered him to work with them.

He launched his first album, having title ‘Billy Currington’.

In a while, Billy travelled to Nashville to embark his professional career.

While in Georgia, Billy had his first experience in a ‘County Club’.

Meanwhile ‘Walk a Little Straighter’ is his debut single.