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We had no details at all of his later career until September 2005 when we heard from the man himself: “Greetings from New Zealand.A friend's relations from England were visiting nearby and after explaining my involvement with Radio Caroline and Glastonbury Festival, they sent some info they had found on website.

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This photo issued by The Caroline Club.) was born in Bury, Lancashire, on 7th August 1940.But this all changed with the passing of the Marine Offences Act, the law introduced to outlaw the offshore stations. As a result, not much is known about some of the DJs who worked on Radio Caroline after 14th August 1967. All that was revealed at the time was that he was a 25 year old New Zealander who had previously attended broadcasting school in San Francisco.He joined the Caroline South ship in October or November 1967 and presented the 6-9pm show.In 1965 senior DJ Tom Lodge was transferred to the South ship to boost flagging audiences.A few months later, he sent for Mike to help him and together two of the northern station's biggest stars revitalised Caroline South.Sadly Mike died from cancer on Monday 5th October 2009.

Our tribute to him is here and there is an interview here.

After attending Isle Of White Festival 1970 we wanted to bring the music back from all the commerciality so we worked on the idea of a free festival. Following Glastonbury attended Symposium Institute in Dorchester, a living, study, work environment, studying Comparative Religions, Eastern Philosophy and Western Psychology.

Eventually found Michael Eavis and Worthy Farm and moved there about November 1970. Married Penny and returned to New Zealand October '73.

His first job was as assistant stage manager at Manchester Library Theatre and, for the next nine years he worked at various theatres around the country, culminating with a stint in the West End, employed on the hit musical Funny Girl.

In June 1966 he joined Radio 390, the middle-of-the-road station housed on Red Sands Fort in the Thames estuary. He writes: “I was originally (real Christian names) but there was another Gordon on the fort and they made me change to David.” Gordon / David hosted such programmes as The Jim Reeves Show, Country Style and Music from the Shows.

The offshore radio stations of the sixties were keen to promote their star disc-jockeys.