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Who is abby lee miller dating

Holly Hatcher-Frazier and the other defected moms were furious.'I cannot believe this is actually occurring,' raged Holly, 47.'We are never, ever returning to the ALDC,' huffed Jill Vertes, 51.Chloe led the MDP's group dance 'The Upside Down'.'I want nothing more than to prove everything that Abby ever said about her wrong, be gone witch, you have no powers here,' said Christi.

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The older girls were not dancing, but they showed up to the competition to sign T-shirts.'Those other kids need to realize, I don't need them, they need me,' Abby told her remaining dancers.Abby Lee Miller sobbed unreservedly saying she felt 'like a whore' during Tuesday's episode of Dance Moms.The 50-year-old dance instructor, who was preparing for a stint in prison, blubbered as half her dance team walked out for good.'I feel like a whore,' she moaned.'I regret a ton of things,' she added.Christi was apprehensive about meeting Abby for the first time in three years.'I do not trust her near me. I'm not here to go to prison,' griped the 40-year-old.Adding: 'My worst fear of all time would be if she would have me arrested today and I would somehow be incarcerated and end up as her roommate'.'If Christi's here I leave,' huffed Abby, who walked out in the middle of the show.Since the series first launched in 2011, viewers have watched Miller spar with her young dancers and their protective moms.

SANTA MONICA, CA - MAY 30: Dance Instructor Abby Lee Miller attends the Abby Lee Dance Company LA's VIP Grand Opening at Abby Lee Dance Company LA on May 30, 2015 in Santa Monica, California.

Now that Miller is behind bars, viewers will see "Dancing with the Stars" alum Cheryl Burke as the primary on-screen coach.

star turns 51 today, but she won't be celebrating with a big party or dance competition… Because, in case you forgot, the dance guru is currently serving her one-year sentence at the FCI Victorville prison in California.

Chloe at the end of the episode was reunited with the girls she forged friendships.

Season seven of Dance Moms continues next week on Lifetime.

Abby Lee Miller is currently serving time in prison, but before she left, the Lifetime cameras captured some not-so-attractive footage of the former "Dance Moms" star.