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New swanky trainers or high tops A couple of funky belts Trendy hoodie Maybe a couple of desktop gadgets such as keyboard Henry hoover, USB whack a mole, etc. ) smellies Zorbing is those giant balls you stand in and roll on water or down a hill Good luck with the shopping - I'm so glad my DS is only four, so much easier to buy for! hows about the new angry birds game forbidden planet have cool figures from computer games.i got my 14 year old daughter ratchett and clank ones new funky cover for his new phone. decent headphones for his ipod/ laptop dre beats are very popular though expensive and skull candy do realy funky and different designs at a more reasonable price something for his room ,,comfy bean bag chair or lamp or clock im doing my daughter a chocolate hampoer filled with things like aero xmas trees, lindt reindeer, magic elves etc movie hamper.. My son is 13 on wednesday and he is getting a digital camera and 32gb sd card, 2x photo albums and a watch which is like his dads (he has watch envy so I got him one too! Could you make up a hamper of Top Gear mags,sweets,i tune voucher,hair stuffs, aftershave ,posh pants and cool laces,oh yes and microwave pop corn My 14 yr old is into after shave ! Could you make up a hamper of Top Gear mags,sweets,i tune voucher,hair stuffs, aftershave ,posh pants and cool laces,oh yes and microwave pop corn Lol he loves his micro popcorn!! I asked a friend and she recommended Superdry trainers. I didn't think he'd have any idea let alone it be top of his wishlist.

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I was thinking of one of the cheaper android tablets (cannot afford an i Pad! We used to enjoy playing board games together - monopoly, scrabble etc so was thinking maybe something like that would be nice - but cannot think of anything that a) he would want or b) to suit his age range! He has just taken up comic style drawing but I bought him a Marvel how to draw characters book for his bday and my mum bought him some nice pens... Anybody have any good ideas for anything a little different?) Think there have been some really good suggestions - I needed ideas for a 13 year old so thank you!)Actually even after the previous darts post I hadn't thought about it, but it is a good idea (as long as we can play in his room without 2 year old DD around!a few smaller cheaper bits that will add up to 150/200 his flying lesson last year cost 150 alone! Clothes,pair trainers,vouchers for game store,games for games console,some money,extreme sports experience,a driving experience as him as a passenger,cinema pass for a year,subscription to a magazine if he has one,some i Tunes vouchers for his i Pod so he could download tunes,new rucksack for school maybe superdry brand try e Bay for cheap one,new jacket?i know how you feel, ds is 14 and gave me his xmas list and its mainly xbox games, which add up pretty damn quick !!My son has also just had his birthday and that makes it even harder, but this year is going to the PDC darts championships just after Christmas with his Dad, so that is his present, I am doing a voucher off the computer just so he has something to open Christmas Day..... I was 8 months pregnant with DD and got him/us tickets to the Doctor Who exhibition at Earls Court.

Same here DS had his bday on 20th Nov, and he has had a clothes shopping trip with my mum and vouchers. Put it in a Merry Xmas Doctor Who card - maybe have a look and see if there are any darts cards to put it in?

He has an xbox in his room and a tv/dvd/ipod docking station, he had a gaming chair a few years ago so there is nothing he needs and I don't like getting him clothes as I see them as a nessecity so buy what he needs throughout the year. He's never really been name inclined so I said to him - I was thinking of getting myself some Superdry trainers... Just thought I'd treat myself to some Superdry trainers... It was advertised as 75 but I do know VERY are expensive. He has the Ultimate Optimus Prime from Amazon 59.99, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt2 DVD, David Beckham something for men eau de toilette.... Sue, when he was 11 we got a special print, like a magazine cover with EXCLUSIVE! Obviously that's out of the question now there is no mystery!

He can have another DVD and another something for 30ish then it will be the traditional yearly - Guiness Book of Records, Lynx Smelly pack, Top Gear Annual and a selection box. my son is 14 and I find it very hard to know what clothes to buy him, so I take him round the shops and get him to point things out, try things on and then go and get bits of things he has chosen!

I'm 36 and wear Vans (have done since I was 18 lol) but he thinks they look rubbish - I have no idea what is trendy these days!

He had converse boots (which he asked for) last year and they soon got put aside...

He's not into labels and neither are his friends, otherwise it might be a bit easier - if the name is right he'll wear it lol.