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Cobb has a history of buying up property with the aim of turning entire areas into enclaves of white supremacists.

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The council delayed approval of it in September, after raising concerns about the bureau's spending on alcohol and entertainment.Demolition permits resolution Issues: Affordability, Housing This resolution comes after an audit report this year revealed that demolitions in Austin have been clustered in the urban core of the city, where affordable housing is vanishing.The resolution would direct city staff to analyze how much demolition permits cost for single and multi-family households and make a recommendation in April on how the current permit fees are affecting the amount of affordable housing available in Austin.North Dakota officials said they were investigating the fire and had no details as of late Wednesday.Java Script scheint momentan in Ihren Browsereinstellungen deaktiviert zu sein.The state is also asking for the city to vacate some property related to the project, which is slated for completion in 2021.

Finally, the state is asking the city to turn 16th, 17th and 18th streets into two-way streets.

If a correlation between demolitions and a loss of affordable housing is found, then the city might increase demolition permit fees and create a trust fund that would use those fees to create affordable housing in the same geographic area of the demolitions.

Support Capitol Complex master plan and fee waivers Issue: Capitol complex The state is asking the city of Austin two waive $6.8 million in permit fees for phase one of the state's $581 million build out of the Texas Capitol Complex master plan, a project that would build two new state office building on the north side of the Capitol grounds.

The council decided to send the proposed 325-unit apartment complex to the Environmental Commission for further review, then bring it back to council for a final vote Feb. This item is essentially a redo of 2016 council vote that was blocked by a court order that found the Austin City Council failed to adequately post the action.

The development has faced heavy opposition from residents in the area.

Approve contract to buy more solar power Issues: Austin Energy, Environment Under this 15-year contract, Austin Energy will pay $10 million a year for power from a 150-megawatt facility that will be built in West Texas.