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On Saturday, Taylor Swift continued her quest to bring out every single famous person during her 1989 Tour, this time inviting Fetty Wap on stage to perform "Trap Queen" in Seattle.Fetty rapped the verses by himself, but Taylor and her 60,000 guests sang along on the chorus, as you and your mother have been doing all summer long.

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New Zealand became the first country in Oceania, the fourth in the Southern Hemisphere, and the fifteenth overall to allow same-sex couples to marry.Both parties agreed that at the time the Marriage Act 1955 was written in the 1950s, marriage according to the common law was between one man and one woman, which explains why the Act did not specifically outlaw same-sex marriage.The applicants argued, however, that under the Human Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, and sections 6 (Interpretation consistent with Bill of Rights to be preferred) and 19 (Freedom from discrimination) of the Bill of Rights Act, New Zealand prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and, therefore, the applicants should be allowed to marry.532 marriages (57.5%) were between New Zealand citizens, and 237 marriages (25.6%) were between Australian citizens.In 2016, 954 same-sex marriages and same-sex civil unions were performed in New Zealand.The High Court decision was appealed to the Court of Appeal (then New Zealand's highest court) in December 1997, which upheld the ruling.

On 30 November 1998, two couples involved in Quilter v Attorney-General sued New Zealand before the United Nations Human Rights Committee claiming that the country's ban on same-sex marriage violated the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. In 2005, United Future Member of Parliament (MP) Gordon Copeland sponsored the Marriage (Gender Clarification) Amendment Bill that would have amended the Marriage Act to define marriage as only between a man and a woman, and amend anti-discrimination protections in the Bill of Rights related to marital and family status so that the bill could stand.

Sanchez, were "relieved due to a loss of confidence," according to a Navy statement. The Mc Cain collided with an oil and chemical tanker east of Singapore back in August. The USS Antietam ran aground in Japan; the USS Lake Champlain hit a fishing boat; and the USS Fitzgerald collided with a merchant vessel, resulting in the deaths of seven sailors. Joseph Aucoin as the 7th Fleet's commander in August. Scott Swift, who's responsible for all Naval forces in the Pacific, said he plans to retire after being passed over for higher command.

And these incidents have resulted in a major Navy leadership shakeup.

It may seem like an odd choice of song for Taylor, but just imagine that she's interpreting the line about cooking pies in a literal way. Based on their tweets, both Taylor and Fetty had a grand old time. He could really do great things with "New Romantics." During her "Style" runway walk, Taylor also brought out Ciara and her boyfriend Russell Wilson, who also happens to be the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

Unfortunately Taylor and Ciara did not reenact the video for "Ride," but you can't always get what you want.

The Navy is still investigating the collision, but said it was "preventable."Navy Lacked Maintenance And Training, According To 2015 Report That collision is just one of four Pacific fleet accidents this year.