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- Have you ever wondered where the saying, ‘a picture says a thousand words’, come from.Well, I do not know who came up with this fantastic phrase, but nonetheless, I will be describing and analyzing two different magazine advertisements, trying to put in words what I think the advertisers wanted consumers to receive when those potential buyers viewed their ads.

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[tags: Papers] - In this essay I have chosen to compare two adverts.[tags: Papers] - Comparing Perfume Advertisements For my media coursework I’m going to look at two printed advertisements selling perfumes.One of them is called “very irresistible by Givenchy” and the other one is “rush by Dolce & Gabbana”.The second advert I chose was from the "Sunday Times" and this is for a Fiat Ulysse.I chose these two adverts because I feel that they will be good compare as they have similarities and differences so there are many things I can comment about.In my essay I intend to find the differences and similarities between adverts for a men's fragrance and a fragrance aimed at women.

The men's fragrance is not a new product it is a limited edition fragrance.

The first advertisement, which lasted for the duration of 30 seconds, was for Mastercard and took the genre of a romantic comedy and the theme of revenge.

The second advertisement, which lasted the same duration, was for Halifax One and took the genre of Bollywood and the theme of a playboy lifestyle....

The perfumes are both used by women primarily but the advertisements are aimed at both male and females.... Accordingly, this would indicate that the two substantially contrast from one another, and this is indeed the case. There is text on the Kellogg’s ad which refers specifically to the vitamins in the cereal being advertised, PEP....

[tags: Papers] - The two advertisements are from two different time periods; the advertisement by the food manufacturing company, Kellogg’s, is from the 1930s, and the advertisement by the retail company, J. At first glance, it is evident that the Kellogg’s ad has as a greater amount of writing on it than the J. [tags: sales, target, products] - Comparing the Two Advertisements for Mastercard and Halifax One The advertisements that I looked at were both broadcast on Sunday 13th March 2005, on Sky One at the primetime of 8pm.

Already it is clear who the target audience is for this advert. Aimed towards glamorous and the higher class women, implying that this product must also be expensive.