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They’ve been searching for the steel frame, very carefully, and have yet to find the steel frame in the places they thought they would.

v10.08 Embedded screensaver v10.05 License key system upgraded to Proteus v8.1 (new key required) v10.04 Switched to [email protected] email address. v10.00 Improved icons in the main buttons v10.00 Added 'Run default screensaver' function under 'Screen' main menu v10.00 Better handling when extracting file name from URLs v10.00 Splash screen v10.00 The 'Day/night wallpaper' now supports Shuffle v10.00 The 'Day/night wallpaper' now takes into account ALL items in the playlist (including online wallpapers) v10.00 The 'Day/night wallpaper' was enhanced to include more words v10.00 Bioni X will simply shutdown if High DPIDaemon cannot run NEW MODULES Show animated GIFs as animated wallpaper Download all pictures with resolution higher than x from the specified URL Add online images directly to the playlist Change wallpaper only at hours specified by user.The Christchurch Civic Trust is fighting hard for its retention – and we’ve joined in as well – but the various Engineer’s reports do not make for happy reading.The City Council has signed the death notice, with Mayor Parker referring us to this website which gives links to those reports.Instead it is save to the INI file (as it was initially, up to v10.69) v10.70 Fixed: Playlist will not advance to the last item.- [email protected]**v10.70 IMPROVED: Icons v10.70 Changed: New shortcuts for 'Go to...' menu } v10.70 Fixed: Show file name over wallpaper.Stylistically, this building is a compromise between British Edwardian architecture and the Chicago skyscraper style of the 1880s and 1890s.

One example of this eclecticism can be seen in the corner tourelle, which was unusual in contemporary American architecture, but common within the English tradition.

The Historic Places Trust website notes that: “This building was built for the New Zealand Express Company in 1905-1906 and at the time of its construction it was the tallest commercial building in Christchurch. Their Christchurch building was designed by Alfred and Sidney Luttrell, who arrived in New Zealand in 1902, and whose principal contribution to the history of New Zealand architecture was the introduction of the Chicago ‘skyscraper’. The foundation and first two storeys of the New Zealand Express building are reinforced concrete.

This was probably, according to Geoffrey Thornton, the first use of reinforced concrete in a commercial building in Christchurch.

Bioni X now uses about 30MB of RAM in standby and about 60MB when changing the wallpapers (top memory requirements depend HEAVILY on your monitor and wallpaper resolution! Folder Content Changed - temporary disable preview otherwise it will preview ALL images in folder v10.60 - MAJOR GUI improvements v10.60 - Major improvements in multi-monitor support v10.60 - New icons v10.60 - Playlist format upgraded.

) v10.60 - Improved calendar v10.60 - Improved 'Darkness' (additional do Lightness and Color Saturation) v10.60 - Info tab - Here the user can find the location of the INI file v10.60 - Let user know that animated wallpapers are always shown in CLONE mode (for the moment you cannot have individual animated wallpapers for each monitor) v10.60 - Let user set independent properties (image orientation, fill/fit to desktop, tile, color enhancements, etc) for each individual wallpaper? Playlists save with old versions of Bioni X are still supported v10.60 - Restrictions in Demo version were a bit relaxed v10.60 - Some online images could not be downloaded because the server requires a valid referer: - Support for AVI files v10.60 - Tabs rearranged v10.60 - The use can now send an image to Bioni X via command line.

gray the menu v10.60 - Faster startup v10.60 - Gif animation plays on both monitors if the are set in Windows to 'Extend' AND 'Force animation below desktop icons' is enabled!