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Virus definition distribution not updating

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To do this, configure security content download options in the Update downloads dialog box, making sure to select Ivanti Antivirus updates in the definition type list on the Updates tab, configure virus definition file options on the Ivanti Antivirus tab, and then click the Schedule Update button.The Scheduled update information dialog box shows task-specific settings for the task.

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Use Download updates (Security Configurations Download Updates) to specify where definition files are copied.This scan is performed to ensure that the processes running in memory at the time of the update are still clean.You can also configure virus definition file updates as scheduled tasks to occur at a set time in the future, or as a recurring task.Deploying virus definition files to end user devices The virus definition updates that you download can be deployed to end user devices remotely from the core server.From their own computer, users can also perform the task of updating virus definition files.They can be stored in the default virus definition file repository where they are deployed to target devices, or in a pilot test folder, where they can be deployed to a limited scope of devices in order to test them before full deployment.

You can also access this dialog box directly when creating an Antivirus task.

Save the old contents of this folder in case this procedure kills Kaspersky, for example by renaming the "Bases" folder to "Bases.old".

You will also need to disable Kaspersky on the computer you are copying-to during this operation.

Global settings include: patch download location, proxy server, spyware autofix, security alerts, and antivirus.

Any time you change a global settings it is effective for all security content download tasks from that point on.

Enter a name for the task, and then click OK to create a Download Security Content task in the Scheduled Tasks tool, where you can specify the scheduling options.