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Virgo dating scorpio

virgo dating scorpio-13

It’s only through experimentation that you are going to discover what you want and don’t want.Today you can allow your mind to roam free and try new things.

There could be some general misunderstandings in the environment which will force you to "go underground" and rethink your strategy with people.There's no point in doing work on a continual basis if it's somehow stealing away from the quality of your life.You should always do work for the purpose of opening up your creative self not just for money.This is how work and life feels sometimes but somewhere in that tedium, boredom and frustration is a golden jewel waiting your discovery.Be careful if you feel as if you’re falling in love with someone.Of course, this means additional sacrifices on your part.

You have to work overtime during the coming cycle and as you may have overcommitted to others in your personal life.

A friend may become conspicuously absent for a while.

Sometimes bad things happening have nothing to do with the universe outside but rather but more to do with not heeding the advice, and good advice at that.

Monitor this as this can have negative consequences down the track when you least expect it.

If you happen to run an independent business, you may find that there is an opportunity to increase your profitability from a few different streams of income. There should be plenty of focus on the issue of money now especially with the Moon moving through the zone of income.

Avoid putting yourself in risky emotional situations because right now you are likely to go to extremes.