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Several recent studies have found that in-person visits are indeed associated with a decrease in recidivism among prison populations, though there's little in the way of data on those held in jail, where people are generally incarcerated for shorter periods of time.Last fiscal year, those booked into the Fort Bend jail stayed an average of 14 days, according to Quam.

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"There are just a lot of questions that have not been examined since it's such new territory," said Tanya Krupat of The Osborne Association, a criminal justice organization based in New York.How many times have you wanted to see a doctor, but decided to postpone it for as long as possible on account of the hassle?The trek there, the rude receptionist, the waiting room--all for just three minutes of doctor time. Well, it looks like change might finally be on the horizon: Thanks to the growing availability of telemedicine or telehealth services, you can now skip all of that noise and video conference with a doctor from home any time--even in your pajamas.And even if it did, many of the Houston-area jails, including those in Harris and Montgomery counties, would already be in compliance, as they offer in-person visitation.Still, it's raised the hackles of a number of law enforcement officials who fear the virtual system they tout as cleaner and cheaper may soon be pulled out from under them.Daniel Quam, who supervises the jail's visitation program.

When the Fort Bend jail offered in-person visits, the facility was open for visitation three to four hours a day, and each meeting was limited to 20 minutes.

In a world where you can manage your money, order a ride to the airport, and shop for pretty much everything via your phone, going to the doctor's office is probably one of the only things you still do face-to-face. Your medical care requires much more specialized expertise than depositing a check, after all.

But if you've ever waited more than an hour at an urgent care clinic for a sore throat, you know that the whole business of going to a doctor can seem frustratingly antiquated.

Jones also spent time in Fort Bend's jail prior to its shift away from in-person visiting.

"When you move, the screen messes up," Jones said during video visitation.

Now, video visitation is available 11 hours each day, seven days a week, with each session lasting up to 30 minutes.