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100 Ways of Giving is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt non-profit organization whose mission is to give back to less fortunate, underserved communities.Our organization aims to inspire and unite young adults of color by spearheading a movement, amongst millennials, that promotes a domino effect of philanthropic and charitable acts within their own communities.$0 - $99.9k help100passiton; give100; help100; 100wog; 100waysofgiving Roslindale Matthews47-5456860100 Ways of Givingpublicsafetydisasterpreparednessandrelief,civilrightssocialactionadvocacy,philanthropyvoluntarismgrantmakingfoundations City of Boston- North Dorchester, City of Boston- South Dorchester, City of Boston- Citywide (Indiv.

Our community programs empower individuals to overcome cultural and language barriers and promote understanding and tolerance within the Greater Boston community.Our organization offers effective immersion language classes in Spanish, Italian and Mandarin for both professionals and those who wish to learn a new language for leisure, in addition to offering free English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes to low-income immigrants and refugees in the Greater Boston Area. To promote cultural awareness of the beauty and diversity through story, dance, music and celebrate the artistic heritage of Africa.We serve low income immigrant families with mentoring programs that help them adjust to American life, job creation and serve the schools in the west suburban communities in Massachusetts. At the African Television Network of New England we believe that a community thrives when its disparate groups are supported in maintaining vibrant cultural identities as they are provided with the information and skills that will allow them to join their larger community as respected and productive members.$500k - $999.9k Beyond Expectations, High-Challenge Sports, Year Round Training, Athletes, Adaptive Equipment, Accommodates All Disabilities Acton Lilley04-3265194education,healthcare,recreationsports NATIONAL, CAPE &ISLANDS REGION, MA, GREATER BOSTON REGION, MAAccion East, Inc.Accion East empowers small business owners through access to capital and financial education.Welcome to the Giving Common, a detailed, online resource that connects you to in-depth information about nonprofit organizations working to enhance communities across Massachusetts.

We believe that data is a critical part of driving social change and hope you will return to our site often to inform your philanthropy.

(ABCD) is to empower low-income people by providing them with the tools to overcome poverty, live with dignity, and achieve their full potential. Action, Inc.’s mission is to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged residents of Cape Ann and beyond by minimizing the effects of poverty, promoting economic security and advocating for social change. Actors Shakespeare Project The Actors Shakespeare Project presents Shakespeare as a playwright urgently relevant to our own times, whose plays are essential to the cultural life of any great city.

MORE$10M - $49.9Mpoverty, emergency shelter, elder homecare, fuel assistance, landlord and tenant advocacy, employment and training, at-risk youth Gloucester Riley04-2389332civilrightssocialactionadvocacy,communityimprovementcapacitybuilding,humanservices Northeast Massachusetts Region, In a specific U. We bring these plays to the audiences of greater Boston through intimate, site-specific, fully professional productions and educational programs that celebrate the relationship between actor, audience and text.

Our vision includes ensuring that the children of Greater Lowell have access to a high-quality early education experience, regardless of their parents level of income.$2.5M - $4.9MAFCC, Acre Family Day Care, Acre, Coalition for a Better Acre, CBA, Child Care, Lowell Reticker04-3036200Acre Family Child Care, Inc., Acre Family Day Care Corporationemployment,humanservices NORTHEAST REGION, MA, CENTRAL REGION, MAACT Lawrence Inc.

ACT Lawrence is a Latina-led non-profit Community Development Corporation (CDC).

MORE$1M - $2.49MShakespeare, text, ensemble, community, incarcerated, youth, at-risk, education, civic, project, voice, stage Somerville Dawson20-0815685youthdevelopment,education,artsculturehumanities Greater Boston Region-All Neighborhoods, In a specific U. city, cities, state(s) and/or region.$100k - $499.9kadaptive sports, inclusive sports, Paralympic sports, Para sports, mobility impairment, visual impairment Boston Walsh46-3900833youthdevelopment,recreationsports STATEWIDE, GREATER BOSTON REGION, MAAdolescent Consultation Services, Inc. Advocates’ mission is: we partner with individuals, families, and communities to shape creative solutions to even the greatest life challenges. Then, together, we do what it takes to help people thrive.