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Verizon updating 5 4 blackberry

verizon updating 5 4 blackberry-45

I looked all over my computer to find the backup it said that it made but have so far been unable to find it. Verizons site leads me to this download link, which is broken.. However, if you search around some of the BB online publications, you will find a beta download which seems just as stable.

The only other question now is when will everybody else start seeing OS 5.0 on their devices?Also, while Black Berry offers feedback and advice on the design of devices the partners also provide feedback on the software.It's a unique arrangement in the smartphone space considering the global scope and relative autonomy of each partner to develop, support and market in their respective regions.One of the biggest takeaways from the podcast was that Thurber was able to confirm that Priv will not receive an update to Android 7 Nougat.He cited Priv already being updated from Lolipop to Marshmallow in 2016 and that the amount of work required to get all the partners together behind such an update was next to impossible.Thurber also detailed that Oreo will, in fact, come to KEYone and that new device in the works from TCL will also have an upgrade path to Oreo depending on when they hit the market.

Another interesting tidbit was that Black Berry encourages the phone licensee partners to work together, we've seen results of this with the TCL born KEYone that in the coming weeks will be manufactured via Optiemus in India.

The Carrier settings include updates to Access Point Names (APNs), MMS Settings, features such as tethering and default apps such as Stocks, Maps, and Weather.

Having the most up to date Carrier Settings is recommended for the proper functionality of the device.

Looks like they changed it to be Monday instead of Sunday..which does make sense. It looks like OS 5.0, version to be exact, will be rolled out to Black Berry Storm 9530 owners next week!

Another image below looks at some of the VZW training materials.

It's also worth noting that Verizon has now confirmed the Moto Z2 Force's Oreo update.