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Validating your username with planet auran

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The first-started process will lock the user data files, and subsequent startup attempts will "hang" waiting for access.If you accidentally start a duplicate copy of (Windows only), you may need to use Task Manager to terminate it.

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This page describes the TANE Developer Release build, which is available to members of the Trainz Pioneer Council and the Trainz Enthusiast Group.To install the Developer Release build on Windows 7 or Windows 8, simply unzip the archive and copy the contained TANE folder to your desired installation location.The default location of the retail build will be the Windows Program Files folder, however you may choose to place the build in any suitable location.In order to completely clean the build back to a fresh install state, the following steps should be taken: Each release of the developer build is a fresh install and may not maintain backwards compatibility with the user data of previous developer builds.It is strongly recommended that the user data is cleaned from the machine (see above) before a new build is used.On both platforms, the user-modifiable files are stored in the standard per-user application data locations, specifically: It is expected that install-time and post-install options to move the user data files will be introduced in the future.

A the current time, power users can add a text file named "override-data-path.txt" next to the or file which contains the full (absolute) path to an alternative user data folder.

Using an older version of TANE after having used a newer version of TANE may corrupt your installed data.

This may require a database rebuild or complete clean to resolve.

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By change I discovered that the django admin interfaces uses enctype="multipart/form-data" always. If a user enters "Grab a beer with you", the body of the email would show "Grab a beer with you".

Here issue is, If i use enctype="multipart/form-data" in form tag then post request fails. Problem: Whenever I change the enctype on my HTML form to multipart/form-data, $_POST variables do not populate in my php script.