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Validating internet resources

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If you are submitting your POC request via REST, you will need to include an API key to authorize processing.To create an API key, log in to your ARIN Online account and select Your Account Settings in the navigation menu.

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Microsoft and our partners can also ensure greater quality and system reliability across the full lifecycle (deployment, adding new capacity or services, updates, business continuity, and availability) with purpose-built management for the whole stack.To remove (delete) a POC: Visit our RESTful Methods page for more information and to view the API documentation for ARIN’s RESTful web service.To request resources, manage resources, or be listed as a contact for your organization, your POC must be associated with an organization identifier (Org ID).This provisioning system allows for more secure interactions with ARIN's database and provides even stronger authentication on automated submissions.More information is provided in the RESTful Methods page.For us, these learnings reinforce the need to make Azure Stack easy to manage as we translate global-scale Azure infrastructure designs to enterprise-scale environments.

We have heard the following key requirements: To best meet these requirements, we will prioritize delivering Azure Stack as turnkey integrated systems in the initial general availability (GA) release, combining software, hardware, support and services in one solution.

A POC cannot be deleted if it is associated with any Org IDs or resources.

You may need to modify the Org IDs and/or resources (or have an Admin POC or Tech POC for the Org ID do so) to remove the POC from all records before you can delete the POC.

is the auto-generated alphanumeric ID assigned to a POC record by ARIN Online (for example, YZ55-ARIN).

A POC can be specified as an Admin, Tech, Abuse, or Network Operations Center (NOC) contact for an organization.

We’ve seen tremendous interest and early customer adoption since we announced Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview 1 (TP1).