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Valentine day etiquette when dating

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So this just gives another perspective on different ways to go about it. It was probably one of the more nerve-wracking episodes, I didn't know what to expect and it was my first episode ever, and then I had to go on a date!It was like a huge nightmare, but at the end of the day I wanted to show people an experience that was true and not under this light of perfection. I think it's important because through my social media I for sure try to show people that I'm not perfect, but they don't actually see it and they don't really see my personality and they don't see who I really am.

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Of all the topics you covered, which was the most surprising for you? I did a therapy session with an anger management counselor, which I thought was gonna be like, 'ways to deal with anger,' but was in fact it was getting to the root of the problem, so it gets a little intense. Although in the same episode it's also like, roller derbying. It was about anger and why specifically women and women of color, why anger is portrayed to be so bad and how it can get misconstrued.They’re also a fashion statement and a reflection of your personality that can enhance or detract from your professional image.Here are the do’s and don’ts of proper sunglasses etiquette.It ended up being a lot more humorous then we thought. It's mostly focused on women and things that have been told to us for so long, because there are so many rules that women have, in comparison to rules that men typically don't have.But we do have queer culture in it and we have a lot of different voices from people who identify as different things. Who was your favorite person that you talked to for the series? How did that happen and what did they teach you about etiquette?It's a completely full contact women's sport which is very rare, and everything about them - they do everything themselves, they created this league, they run the league, it's all women, it's all shapes, sizes, identities, all sorts. And so those women show the perspective of where the anger comes from and how to take it out in a fun, happy manner.

That's amazing, anger is such a taboo topic for women so it's so cool that you covered that. Well with money, people are told to be shy about it and to not talk about it, and so we wanted just to kind of explore the wage gap, with women of course and women of color, and how that works out.

Part of me wants to say people who don't really understand intersectional feminism and where that comes from, that don't want a preachy PSA but maybe they'll watch it and get to hear from people talking about their lives and their struggles. Also, young people out there who can relate to these women and who can see themselves in these women and see that they're strong.

Sunglasses are far more than just a practical accessory to protect your eyes from the sun.

The naked body, especially the naked woman's body, isn't something that has to be seen in a pornographic way. Is etiquette something you'd thought about a lot before doing the show? I'm not very polite, I mean I am polite, but I don't really pay attention to the details as much as the big picture. Everything is so particular and so niche in this time, everyone has their particular lifestyle, that all of them had such different things to offer and the audience.

And before we had things like Emily Post and Miss Manners, and now the culture is so splintered that everyone's getting different messages. Everyone's getting different messages and there's always a particular way to act, but it's not necessarily how people want to live their lives or even choose to.

PAPER caught up with Ferreira to ask her about the show - including the episode where she went to a nudist colony. With etiquette, my producers and I just thought about things that have been long told to women of how to act and how to behave in society, and of people that are challenging that in a certain way.