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Useful tips from a dating guide 9gag

Our own Liisa does this a lot – mostly to block out noise while she’s working.

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Sure, they’re essential if you want to watch a movie, but consider using them for noise cancellation.If you’re traveling light, this allows you to skip the check-in queue altogether.Since airports are little else than endless queues, this is a good thing.It’s also easier and quicker to pick up on unexpected delays and changes – and these do happen.It’s always good to fully charge all your devices before heading to the airport, but sometimes you’ll be in for a longer wait and might start running out of juice. To alleviate this problem, get yourself a power splitter.Keep your keys and coins in the hand baggage till you’ve cleared security.

The worst is over, but there’s a lot you can do to be more efficient with your waiting time.

We’re also rather impatient when it comes to idling and waiting, so it’s safe to say we have quite a lot to say on the subject.

The bottom line is this – airports can be a real hassle, and the quicker we get through them, the better.

Some studies suggest that since most people are right-handed, they’ll instinctively pick queues on the right-hand side.

This means that typically there’s less people in the queues to your left.

Make sure you’re familiar with rules regarding what can and can’t be brought on board an aircraft.