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The series will hope to reveal what kind of homes the great British public would choose to live in if they were given the chance to design and build them, instead of leaving it in the hands of developers. Presented by Kevin Mc Cloud the series explores some of Britain’s most contemporary and cutting edge homes, revealing how they were built and why they are considered some of the best new architecture in the country.

Taking in the extraordinary variety of the Indian landscape, journeys in the series include Amritsar to Shimla, Lucknow to Kolkata, Mysuru to Chennai and Jodhpur to Delhi through India’s famous ‘Golden Triangle’.From farmers to rural vets, the singletons, isolated from the urban dating pool, are ready to not only see if they can meet their match but also to introduce a potential partner to the true realities of life in the countryside.With many city dwellers longing to escape the rat race, and an unprecedented number migrating from town to country every year in the hope of a different way of life, it is an achievable dream.There are over 11 million people renting in Britain and most of those are with private landlords.As demand for homes far outstrips supply, the rental market is fraught with challenges – for both landlords and tenants.During the property viewing journey, the buyers also have the chance to experience country life; visiting local towns and monuments while often gaining hands-on experiences of traditional rural crafts and pursuits in the hope that these encounters will help in their decision whether to escape to the country.

Escape to the Country first aired on BBC One in 2002 and is now in production for its 19th series.

Highlighting how big ideas about architecture and design can be achieved on a budget, Kevin has found people with a creative ambitious approach to building which will demonstrate how high quality homes can be built without breaking the bank.

All ten homes will be built next to each other and become part of a fledgling new community.

Meet the rural singletons looking for a perfect match: revisit their proud homeowners and see the transformations they’ve made to their country houses.

We also discover how making the leap of moving to the country has improved our escapees’ everyday quality of life, be it getting involved in the local community, spending more time in the great outdoors or realising the dream of creating a new rural business.

In 1913, Europe was criss-crossed by a network of railways stretching from Finland in the North, to Constantinople in the East, and Cadiz in the West, all of them described in ‘Bradshaw’s Continental Railway Guide and General Handbook’.