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Updating xbox 360 with cd

updating xbox 360 with cd-32

Prospective GTA 5 owners - some of which already have the game as a result of early shipping from uk - might have wanted to install both discs, but Rockstar recommends against it."For optimal performance, we recommend not installing that disc," tweeted Rockstar Support. For optimal performance, we recommend not installing the play disc."Rockstar has promised more information soon.

UPDATE 1: Digital Foundry, which has access to the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto 5, has offered an explanation for Rockstar's recommendation against installing the "play" disc."Rockstar recommends that you shouldn't install the GTA 5 play disc on Xbox 360 and it's sound advice," Digital Foundry chief Richard Leadbetter said."When you first get the game, the first order of business is installing the mandatory content from disc one - this accounts for 7.7GB of data to install on your hard drive.Activate your Xbox Live account--if it isn't your default account--by selecting it from the list of users on the main dashboard screen.You do not need a Gold membership to get the free update. Put an original Xbox title into the console, which will begin the process automatically.After a few minutes, you will be back trying to beat The Four Kings in Dark Souls 2. All jokes aside, we’re experiencing another truly amazing time in gaming.Don’t let little hardware hiccups derail what matters most – the magic of the game.The Xbox 360 just needs a hard disk drive and a quick update to make it compatible with first-generation Xbox titles.

Updating is easy, with three different options available as of 2009. Turn on your Xbox 360 by pressing the circle button on the front of your console.

I’m sure you’re gentle with all of your toys, especially the Xbox. Hey, it’s a lot better than buying an all-new system.

Better yet, Clean Dr works fast, even if your very dirty lens requires a few rounds of cleaning.

You could send it in to Microsoft, but then that usually requires 2-4 weeks of no Xbox. If there is dirt or dust on the laser lens, your system will eventually fail to read the game disc.

Lots of brushes and DVD-style discs have been on the market for years that claim to clean the lens effectively. Sure, cleaning a game system isn’t a dangerous task (unless you’ve got your Xbox opened up and are removing hardware with pliers outdoors during a thunderstorm). The laser lens can get knocked out of alignment easily with the wrong approach. Feel free to do your research (this guy really seems to like it, and swears like a sailor) and carefully follow these instructions once you buy it.

Now, there's absolutely nothing stopping you installing disc two - the 'play' disc - onto the hard drive too, using the Xbox 360's dashboard to do so. However, doing so impacts the game's ability to stream texture data, resulting in regular pop-in of in-game objects and textures."So what's the story here?