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Eye diseases such as Retinitis Pigmentosa, Retinopathy, Cataracts, and Glaucoma all lead to sharp decreases in contrast and/or color sensitivity.The colors actually look different to folks with contrast sensitivities.

Additionally, low vision and blind users rely heavily on using the keyboard, since a mouse demands high fidelity eyes as well as hands to work.That means non-mousers use Tab/Shift keyboard combination in a Windows system to move between heading level tags, named anchors, and form elements, sometimes while waiting for the reader to catch up.This is the opposite of a sighted person who’s eyes can quickly scan away from redundant menus or ads to get to the good content. This process got me thinking about other security concerns I had not though of before. I'am facing issue while calling rgraph canvas in asp mvc.I am new to sitecore using sitecore8.0 and mvc 5.1.0 I installed Glass. Sc through nuget after publishing to sitecore my mvc project getting error like this please help me on this Could not ...Avoid generic text such as the words “Click here”, and be sure to include a complete description of what the user can expect on the other side of the link.

Applying the name attribute to anchor tags means users can use the keyboard to skip through to that hyperlink.

Most of the citizens of the world do not have 20/20 vision, so increasing the font size is a tremendous gain with only a single line of code to change in the site’s default CSS file.

When crafting hyperlinks be sure to set the link text (i.e., the text between the anchor tags) to something descriptive that matches the link target.

It’s important to provide an accessible site so that you can reach all your customers without inadvertently adding challenges for some.

Additionally, there are laws that US government websites as well as websites at some companies or sectors must adhere to defined by

You can ensure your color schemes and contrast work well by visiting these sites: and