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Updating service pack 2 trouble shooting

This is because the English (Australia) display language is a part of the en-GB cab file.There are specific en-AU Text-to-speech and Speech cab files though which should be added for Cortana functionality.

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To avoid this indexing issue the language pack needs to be added to the original 1607 media that Microsoft released last July 2016.Pretty simple – make the following changes to the Language value so it is changed to en-GB. Deploy the new reference image and after a domain user logs in verify that you have the English (Australia) language pack installed and most importantly that the indexing service has correctly indexed the control panel and other items that normally would have failed.I’ve kept my original blog below for reference only – please note that it is now inaccurate and shouldn’t be followed.As a workaround to this I’ve added a step in my MDT task sequence which uses WUSA to install the latest CU and then restart the OS.This occurs prior to the Windows Update patching step that I have in my task sequence.Cheers Damon Something that used to be quite simple, is now not so simple.

With the advent of Cortana, the English (Australia) Language pack is now no longer included in the base Windows 10 ISO.

However, there is a way to reduce this time expenditure.

If you fall into the category of users that frequently reformat their systems and clean install XP from the CD then creating a slipstreamed version of XP/SP1 can be a huge time saver.

In fact, a lot have been doing clean installations followed immediately by applying SP1 to eliminate much of the garbage that has collected over the past year of using XP.

There really isn't a downside to reformatting and doing a clean install, but if there was one I suppose it could be that the installation of SP1 might be quite time consuming, especially if you do it through Windows Update.

The last step we need to look at is making a small adjustment to the file that it being used when the reference image is deployed.