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Updating r4ds ii to iii upgrade

updating r4ds ii to iii upgrade-85

Most R4i SDHC cards have “1.4” in a little yellow box but a newer card from the R4i SDHC team has “1.41” on the front of the box.

Later on in May a software update will be made available for the Nintendo 3DS as well.UPDATE 4/JUNE/2011: The information on this page is now out of date.The R4i Team have released a firmware fix for the R4i 3DS card, and it now works on DSi 1.4.2!Make sure the latest R4i menu software is installed.When you get into the main screen, select the “Settings” icon (usually the third one).) to make sure they only sell authentic cards and provide adequate customer service.

For a video of this upgrade process, watch DSCard World’s extremely helpful R4i 3DS Upgrade video (click link to see) to see the process in action!

However, there is no definite time frame for when these updates will be available.

Cards that are upgradable are notably more expensive, so be prepared to pay a bit more if you wish to buy a high quality card.

Within this update is the 3DS e Shop, where users will be able to buy games and also transfer DSi Ware and games over from their older DSi consoles.

The new 1.4.2 update for DSi consoles likely facilitates this transfer to the Nintendo 3DS.

The R4i team are infamous for not being able to ‘upgrade’ their flash card’s firmware to be compatible with Nintendo updates, instead releasing ‘new versions’ of the card for people to buy.