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This means that, depending on the versions and devices supported by your flashcart, only certain methods may be available to you.

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You can start with a blank application to create your own custom solution, or start from one of the available templates, like the fully featured Contoso demo app.If you have already flashed ntrboot to your flashcart or your flashcart comes pre-flashed with ntrboot, you can skip to Installing boot9strap (ntrboot) for instructions on how to use it.Installing boot9strap with ntrboot requires a compatible NDS / DSi flashcart to flash ntrboot to.Microsoft Io T Central integrates Azure Time Series Insights – a fully managed analytics, storage, and visualization service for managing Io T-scale time-series – to enable users to explore and analyze billions of events streaming simultaneously from devices deployed all over the world.Microsoft Io T Central provides massively scalable time-series data storage and several ways to explore data, making it super easy to explore and visualize millions of data points simultaneously, conduct root-cause analysis, and to compare multiple sites and assets.Microsoft Io T Central allows companies throughout the world to build production-grade Io T applications in hours and not worry about managing all the necessary backend infrastructure or hiring new skill sets to develop the solutions.

In short, Microsoft Io T Central makes it so that everyone can benefit from Io T.

A critical component of an Io T solution is the ability for users to be made aware when device conditions meet important criteria, whether it is pertaining to device health or just KPIs, and trigger appropriate actions.

To support this need, Microsoft Io T Central enables users to create rules – a set of conditions based on device measurements, properties and settings – by providing rule templates as a starting point.

To ensure the maximum level of security and the flexibility to customize access privileges, Microsoft Io T Central supports authentication of enterprise users via Azure Active Directory and single users with a Microsoft account.

To be authorized to access an application, users must be assigned a role, which defines the level of access and the privileges that each user has in the context of each application.

The creation of a device happens directly on the cloud, inside the Microsoft Io T Central Application Builder, a low-code environment where users can define device attributes and visualizations via drag and drop from libraries of assets.