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Updating psp 3 71

homebrew (nor the gta exploit) will work with firmware version 2.71.

updating psp 3 71-17updating psp 3 71-66updating psp 3 71-40

kids these days i swear – by bryantincase you haven't noticed when you buy a new psp the firmaware is 2.7 you don't upgrade your justgiven that firmware and people who do upgrade usually do it before they even know about homebrew – by jakei have noticed that when you buy it the fw is 2.70 or 2.71…just buy a used one thats what i did and i have 1.5…ive done everything i can do to it but now i think i might sell it on ebay because im getting bored with the whole psp even has a link to wmp which i assume to be like psptunes – by dj samusghostrider-win mobile for psp does have pac-man, battle-ship, connect four… i just downloaded xis portal and dont know how i lived without it… and a lot of classic games in flash format, unlike xis portal theres no need to tinker just save to root and thats it.jus like xis portal it has a lot of cutomizations too – by dj samusso, i just got back into the whole psp thing (after selling my original psp back 'round x-mas), found this emulation probably the most valuable part of the whole package (sorry, the game selection f-king sux) and even bought into the whole 'buy a bigger mem stick' b.s.i think that gives a few clues away as to the extent of the encryption, so would it help if someone (who knows a lot more than me!) was able to compare the umd versions with the downloaded one??? how to do-pbp unpacker-hex editor-2.6 update-open 2.6 eboot with pbp unpacker-open with hex edit-search -find 2.6 change to 1.0 (hex tool)-save (hex tool)-save pbp unpacker-start eboot-look system settings 1.0-update 1.5 to 2.5 and back with hex2.6-best softmod-spread the world – by joopim bored with my psp now i have 2.0 on it now i dont know what else to do with it i downgraded to 1.5 but i thin 2.0 is better so im stayin with 2.0 plus with 2.0 i can play games that require 2.0 and above…can i run iso games on it? – by papsha the mod chip has the following features: full control input through the psps screen and controls separated from the motherboard custom interface built in 88mhz processor dual memory cores (allowing for expansion) software completely open source completely internal allows play of import umd films complete override of software on the psp 1.homebrew mode only allows software to be run off memory stick 2.normal mode allows of chips default features and signed code on the memory stick cpu clocking allows speeds of up to 365mhz which may damage the cpu so we dont recommend it and through an optional cable you can connect a usb hard drive to the chip requires you to use the chips own software you can not use it directly with the psps firmware full instructions requires one standard watch battery which will be included in the package the first batch will be on sale on ebay for $22.99 usd starting november 19th.i dont want to upgrade i have 2.5tuesday, june 6th 2006 @ pmposted by anonymous:if above post work.speculation.-have 2.7 and lower firmware-upgrade to 2.71 but hex edit so psp thinks psp is 1.0 speculation!

tuesday, june 6th 2006 @ pmposted by anonymous:and the hexedit roco loco and the puzzel game, original 2.71 to 2.70 works on 2.70.

the new firmware contains the general warning that came with every previous update,it is to be used on “japan psps only” – by oshanedidnt mean to do that the page didnt put my last comment up so i put it again but nothing new commin out on psp 2.71 its stuff that not everyone is gonna use who cares about the demos they give you stupid stuff to download homebrew is way better then loco roco that game sucks anyways – by bryant posted by anonymous:if i hex edit a woking update 2.0 to 2.71 and save it, and than hex edit back to 2.0 does the update still work or not?

if the update work, than hex edit may there someone that tried it??

i would be happy to supply on of the original umd disks for this purpose, what do ya think? – by bryantthere is no downgrader for fw 2.7 the only think you can do is sell your psp or buy another one thats what i did but now i hardly play my psp but i always played my 2.7 psp when i had it i dunno now i think im gettin alittle to old for it plus my gf keeps b****in at me because i played it to much so i dunno but there is no downgrader for it so aint much to look forward too but whatever you do dont upgrade keep 2.7 someday they will hack it and you will be able to downgrade everyone keeps upgrading if you want a downgrader then stop upgrading you wont get no downgrader if you keep upgrading pointless so do not upgrade unless you dont care you just wanna play the sony games – by bryantdam i just upgraded to the 2.7 version because my friend got that version. well be sure to keep you informed with more news on this as we get it.

but now i want to get the “psp blender” @ does this fw work with pspblender the unlimited full game download. this is pure speculation it may be a hoax – it may not. what if it works just like a computer os system, the conventional type? if it is why not backing up the data and reformatting? and if it is, please make sure it isnt any paypal or credit card thing just to make money make sure its free.

aac compatibility has also been added to allow for a wider range of music playback. – by bryantno its not japan but psp's were made in japan so it is not japan most people who got psp s first have that model i have that and i got mine in october 206 after they came out so dont worry :) – by dboihahaha geek#1 hahaha good one…anyways there isnt no hacks for 2.7 yet…ive been workin on it too…but there isnt no hacks yet..sorry to tell you that…but im gonna buy another psp because 2.7 you cant do anything on it so im gonna buy another psp with fw 1.5…so i can download homebrew on it i just hope since they have mario karts 64 game that you can put on your psp i hope they just make a golden eye 007 now..i love that game for 64..i have a n64 but i wanna play the games on my psp…..anyways joker there isnt no hacks for it the only thing i can tell you is either buy another one orjust wait tell someone finds a hack for it… in the toc of this file you can set too much things…for example require the user to set a password before start it…