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Updating maps for magellan gps

Fixed some minor problems with filter (for changed image files the filter will not be applied immediately, instead they will be filtered after save or by using new option “Update On Changed Files”) !Window layouts has not been restored by using “File | Restore Settings…” !

updating maps for magellan gps-65updating maps for magellan gps-81

Several minor bug fixes File options can be specified for each file type seperately now Support of Magellan track files Caching GPX track files for faster reuse Unicode support for IPTC Adding location data automatically to keywords Copying taken date to IPTC creation date automatically Norwegian translation !Program hangs up when showing info panel (Ctrl I) after updating to Exif Tool 8.23 !Dialog for selecting location data appears after GPS synchronization although an image is located in radius of favorites containig data for auto assignment ! Starting Geo Setter with param file in collection mode does not work correctly ! CPU usage too high in idle mode Some other small changes, improvements and fixes All Screenshots regarding version 3.3.43 Right click on blue image markers for assigning/copying image data (Screenshot) Right click on map for assigning image positions and selecting nearby images (Screenshot) Assigning keyboard shortcuts to search-/filter templates (Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2) Filetype option for setting file date to taken date when saving image data (Screenshot) Setting file date from taken date for selected image files (Screenshot) !An updated version of Exif Tool (8.26) recognizes this problem now and creates a warning (many thanks to Phil Harvey! Support for binary files of Win Tec WBT-202-GPS-Logger (by using GPSBabel Beta 1.3.7) !Adobe applications do not recognize metadata anymore after saving creator in XMP data (still needs clarification, saving of creator is temporary disabled) !IPTC Source/Description URL hasn’t been saved to XMP data !

Exif Tool info panel forgets collapse states and column size Some other small changes on user interface All Screenshots regarding version 3.4.0 New designed interface and functionalety for synchronizing meta data between image files (Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2, Screenshot 3) Support for custom file types (Screenshot) Support for compass information of Mikrokopter track files New map type My Topo (Screenshot) Quick access to adjust thumbnail sizes and visible lines of meta data in thumbnail view (Screenshot) * Improved Exif Tool info panel (Ctrl I) !

Sometimes saved wrong UTF8 flag for IPTC data in combination with creation date !

Wrong reading of Microsoft rating tag from XMP data ! Explorer context menu did not work under Windows 7 ! Wrong coding of international characters in Google Earth export Some other small changes, improvements and fixes Optional synchronizing of heading data when synchronizing with GPS track files. After saving of creator data (Byline name in Geo Setter), maybe Adobe software did not recognize some meta data anymore (including development settings in Lightroom) after initially saving the creator with Lightroom 3 in a wrong way.

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Track files with lots of waypoints ( Some changes regarding adding and modifying image directions (new toolbar button and menu option for adding image direction and possibility to add/modify image direction by dragging image markers on the map) Optimized display of image direction of focused image (auto adjust size to map) Point of view coordinates now editable in dialog Faces will now be read also from Google Picasa.