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Updating ipod shuffle

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Stevenote is a colloquial term for keynote speeches given by Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, at events such as the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Macworld Expo, and Apple Expo.Because most Apple product releases were first shown to the public at these keynotes, "Stevenotes" caused substantial swings in Apple's stock price.

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Tevanian introduced Ben Waldman (general manager of the Macintosh unit at Microsoft), Norm Meyrowitz (president of Macromedia Products) and Greg Gilley (vice-president for graphics applications development at Adobe Systems), who demonstrated Photoshop.This is about getting Apple healthy, and this is about Apple being able to make incredibly great contributions to the industry to get healthy and prosper again.Jobs later gave keynote addresses at trade expositions and conferences at least once a year, in which he announced updates to Apple products or demonstrated new products and services.Jobs said that Apple would add Internet "live" streaming (Real-time Transport Protocol) to Quick Time 3.0 for its release in fall 1998 and introduced Peter Hoddie, chief architect of Quick Time.Jobs described three improvements Apple wanted to make to Java: unify the Java virtual machine, make it compatible and make it fast.The first was Classic Environment (formerly named Blue Box); the second was Carbon (API) (announced at WWDC 1998), and the third was Cocoa (API) (formerly named Yellow Box). At the August 31, 1999, Seybold Seminars Expo, Jobs delivered an update on Apple, announcing its June quarterly profits, the appointment of Mickey Drexler (of Gap Inc.) to the board of directors, and giving an overview of Quick Time.

Apple partnered with Akamai Technologies as a broadcast network, with content provided by BBC News, Bloomberg Television, Fox News, Fox Sports, HBO, NPR, The Weather Channel, WGBH-TV, ABC News, ESPN, Rolling Stone, VH1, and Disney; new content was provided by Rhino Records and Warner Bros. Phil Schiller demonstrated Quick Time TV, Sherlock 2, Voice Print, Apple Script and the Power Mac G4, and Jobs previewed Mac OS 9.

He demonstrated nine features: Sherlock 2, a shopping app; Multiple Users, with privacy and preferences for a number of users; Voice Print Password, voice-recognition software; Keychain, with one password; Auto Updating, for the latest updates; Encryption, for private files; File Sharing Over Internet; Apple Script over TCP/IP, to manage workflow across computers, and Network Browser.

Jobs reviewed the i Mac, introducing Ozzie Osborne (general manager of speech systems at IBM) to demonstrate Via Voice.

He reviewed Mac OS 8.5 (released in October 1998), announced Mac OS 8.6, previewed Sonata (scheduled for release in fall 1999) and delivered an update on Mac OS X Server 1.0.

Jobs said that in the Darwin open-source software program there were over 20,000 registered developers and over 175,000 component downloads, describing the three application environments on the Darwin-Quartz foundation.

Jobs said that Apple had sold 500,000 Power Macintosh G3 in its first six months, described the Power Book G3 and showed the "Steamroller" commercial.