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We interact with fortune 500 companies, government institutions, non-profits, online retail, and each other via megabytes of Java Script logic injected into our web browsers.While the AJAX revolution was intended to boost the performance by which content updates are delivered to the browser by an order of magnitude, a good chunk of that gain has been eroded not just by the massive amount of badly bloated Java Script squeezed through our Internet connections, but also by the increased amount of developer resources required to maintain such bloat.

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Because of this it would be misleading or confusing to refer to a visual software component as a “web component” unless it made use of the Custom Element API at a bare minimum.One problem that I frequently run into at work is source code bloat due to multiple implementations by different developers of the same UI functionality.I had already had some good success creating re-usable widgets with Angular JS directives that could be embedded inside a big application.The downside is much less commission than for traditional distribution channels, but that did not matter because I wasn’t interested in making money as a professional author.I contacted the editor, and asked for a contract termination so I could move it over to Lean Pub.Early on it became apparent that the subject matter was a bit advanced, and locating technical reviewers would be a challenge for the publisher.

The result was little to no feedback as I submitted each chapter.

I’m also soliciting your feedback on content, and how to make it more useful for UI engineers as a practical guide for visual component architecture. This book is being updated frequently with critical information, and the only way to be notified of major updates is if you give Lean Pub your email for notifications on the purchase input form.

Update notifications will be sent at most once per month, and no spam.

This is a work-in-progress and always will be, because the web doesn’t stand still.

My hope is that this will become a web community work-in-progress.

Eventually all existing examples will be upgraded to Web Components.