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Updating drac firmware

updating drac firmware-44

I installed the command-line tools via a wonderful post on “M D3VELOPMENT” blog, and tried to soft-reset the i DRAC card. I don’t have a ton of experience with IPMI cards, so I was kind of at a loss. It turns out, after installing ipmitool (which is helpfully available in the dell repositories that were added earlier!

updating drac firmware-39updating drac firmware-50

Upload the firmware update file (in this example firmimg.d6) Select next to install the update. If you now close your browser and reconnect to the idrac you will see it looks very different!There is no option to enter the DRAC config on reboot and the following error is generated: I have considered that, unforunatly the server is out of warrenty so I don't think they'll be very interested.We do have similar servers whcih are in warrenty, but since the DRAC is quite an important function I'm loath to consider bricking another DRAC just to get it fixed.Feel free to accept this, and bump up your accept %, if this works out for you.You will generally get more responses in the future I am sure if your accept % is higher.Pick “Linux” for the OS (you can go back and create a new repository later if you like this tool), then move on and select the server models you are dealing with. I chose “ONLY include most recent and custom bundle(s)” because I didn’t see the point in downloading old stuff.

On the next screen I said “No” to including additional components in the repository. Move forward and pick the destination of “Deployment Media (Linux only) Export to ISO/Script format for deployment.” 9. Boot your host off of it, and when you’re prompted choose the correct bundle for the system you’re updating.

I ran into a problem today with the update process of an i DRAC card, and Google was very little help.

I began the firmware update process, and my connection conked out during the upload.

Making things more difficult, I think I’ve seen every failure mode Dell’s i DRAC has to offer, from the inability to log into a local repository via FTP when the password has special characters to persistent errors like “Return code mismatch on i Drac Wrapper.efi” that completely block the updating process.

My journey might have been full of pain and thoughts of other vendors but it’s yielded what I think is the single best way of updating Dell firmware: using the Dell Repository Manager to create a bootable, Linux-based ISO I can use with my KVM-over-IP system’s virtual media (or the i DRAC virtual console, or as an actual, old-fashioned DVD).

This appears to have entirely bricked the DRAC card, it no longer responds to the network and both the BIOS and racadm no longer recognize it.