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Updating calendar entries in lotus notes

Lotus Notes uses more repeating patterns than the Siebel calendar uses.Siebel CRM Desktop establishes a correlation between Lotus Notes and a Siebel CRM repeating pattern in the following way: If the Lotus Notes pattern does not match an existing Siebel CRM pattern, then CRM Desktop uses a Siebel CRM pattern that occurs more frequently.

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(Usually you'll access webmail at an address like Refreshing Your Feed If your your calendar still doesn't sync properly, you may need to refresh your feed.If this field does not contain a value, then CRM Desktop uses key 2.The following sequence describes how it uses key 2: Uses the same information as Key 2.2, plus includes Planned, which is the date that CRM Desktop sends or receives the email.It finds the unshared meeting because the following situations are true: If the meeting attendee synchronizes the activity from the Siebel Server before this attendee receives an invitation, and if this attendee sets the preference in the Options dialog box to not share new PIM items, then CRM Desktop uses the Find Proxy function to find the Siebel CRM activity.If it finds this activity, then it shares the meeting with Siebel CRM.Note that some calendar applications will refresh on their own (Google Calendar, for example, can take up to a day before you see changes), so you may want to wait.

This topic describes how Siebel CRM Desktop handles a calendar entry and a meeting.

When User 2 synchronizes, CRM Desktop synchronizes the activity that it added in Step 2 to Lotus Notes.

It uses the Find Pim Document function to find the Lotus Notes item that corresponds to this activity.

CRM Desktop can only share a calendar entry or a meeting with the Siebel Server.

It cannot share or synchronize to the Siebel Server any other type of Lotus Notes calendar entry.

CRM Desktop does the following work to handle a repeating calendar entry: Siebel CRM Desktop handles an exception to a repeating calendar entry as separate records in Siebel CRM data.